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Franchise of the Year!

There are over two thousand, five hundred (2,500) Chem-Dry franchises. Out of those, one franchise alone earns the title "Franchise of the Year" for that given year. There are a lot of great Chem-Dry franchises, so when we got the call that we were chosen as Franchise of the Year, we were both excited and humbled. There are so many great Chem-Dry franchises, even being mentioned for such an honor would have been great. Chem-Dry of Nashville was chosen in 2007 as the recipient for this great award, and we are both honored and proud to have recieved it!

Chem-Dry Franchise of the Year

"Some folks say 'Don't sweat the small stuff'. I beg to differ, because 'great things' are the culmination of all the small things... done great.

Sean Tinsley

15 Years in a Row!

The Seal of Satisfaction is a federally registered certification mark with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and Seal recipients are an elite group of companies who have committed to uphold the highest standards of business excellence represented by the Seal of Satisfaction. Chem-Dry of Nashville is the only carpet cleaning company in the Nashville area to win the Seal of Satisfaction award - 15 Years in a Row!

Chem-Dry Franchise of the Year

"Chem-Dry of Nashville's reputation is second to none... they give EVERY customer the 5 star treatment and you can Call them with confidence"

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